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  1. Respawn | Rules 2 posts

    Regulamentul General 

  2. Respawn | Administrative Announcements 10 posts

    8apxAng.pngStay up to date with everything that happens on the server

  3. Respawn | STAFF-UL RESPAWN.DUAL-GAMING.RO 1 posts

    2llduEC.pngBEST TEAM. I hope you are proud to be there!

  4. Respawn | Access Requests 1 posts

    ayOnE0N.pngPlease read the application form and server rules before making an application

  5. Respawn | Unban Request 1 posts

    spacer.pngDo you think that you have been wronged? Did you get the wrong BAN? Create a topic and solve the problem

  6. Respawn | Complaints 1 posts

    SVLmobz.pngPlease keep calm down in the Complaint, (any insult = Rejected)

  7. Respawn | BANLIST 1 posts

    vELlr42.pngBan-list is Optional, Ban without proof = Sanction

  8. Respawn | ADMINS - STAFF ZONE ✦ 0 posts

    Here are tutorials to manage the server as correctly as possible and things only for Staff. For the password, talk to @Carmen. or @Powerel

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  9. Respawn | Server archive 0 posts

    spacer.pngHere are all the topics of the RESPAWN section that are old / uselessspacer.png

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