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  1. Hello, yesterday i got banned for no reason because admins thought i was cheating. I downloaded wargods but when i tried to scan it, it showed me an error. If you dont believe me, add me on discord "pitushylsia" my nickname, ill show you the proof because i wanna fix the problem and idk why it wouldnt let me scan.

  2. Please make another request by the example...Until then we can t judge you! Thx
  3. You need to make a request by the model , Please come with another one corectly done ! Thx
  4. No problem, an sorry for problems! Good luck !
  5. Death..I spoke with carmen, and the decision was final...You are not very active on the server ,and that is the cause for remove.
  6. Hello Death! You need to discuss this problem with Carmen, because we had a meeting on ts and you weren t there...
  7. Te rog sa revii cu o cerere facuta dupa modelul de mai jos ! Pana atunci ,asta nu se i-a in considerare!
  8. Ai facut cerere de admin ,deci asta nu se mai i-a in considerare !
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