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  1. Hi, i think everything that is possible is OFF. I turn already everything OFF. I check for a PROXY (don't using at all), then i check VPN some things on my settings was ON so I turned OFF. Probably gonna work, but i'm banned, so first of all i must get unbann to try again 🙂
  2. I'm not really sure. I cannot also check it. I get to whatismyipaddress to see everything, but cannot find something helpful. But i got into Windows Taskbar and search for VPN and i checkout everything that possible 😄 So i think if it was ON...it's maybe now turned OFF. I cannot join to see if it's fixed. Can someone unbann me, please?! Nickname : Mr. Jeez
  3. Hi, there! I was trying to connect your Team Speak 3 server and i get that error several times *see the screenshot* and after i tried somethings i get ban. The server just kick me many times. So...i haven't done anything bad. Just...kick, kick...kick and ban 😄 " You are banned permanently. Reason: "VPN DETECTED" " Don't really know what is that kind of error and don't know how to fix it. Anybody with that problem? I have already search on Internet and there's nothing specific things. I mean if the major problem was from me i will cannot join into other servers, so i think is something that i must change in my settings or...don't really know. I have try to connect into other servers - it's work totally fine. No problem to connect, speak, text, create channel's and etc. Greetings! #needHelp
  4. Hi, there all ! I was playing casually at your server and get banned for no reason (the reason was : 0 ). I'm playing in your server for 1-2 weeks, i really love it! And here is the time to say - Thank you! Because of you...1.6 is still alive and in the game :) ! Good Job! But that bann...was unnecessary and unfair. 3 times...3 different admin pull me out to spectator and wanted pics from me (to upload in imgur) after i uploaded they let me play again, because there is nothing wrong. I'm not cheating, bhop script, skins, swearing or whatever is prohibited! Normally i will walkaway, but i really love that server and what you are trying to do guys. I even made a registration here, just to report that ban, because it was really unfair. Admin doesn't even call me spectator or write me something - just bann me in the middle of game. Even it was, because of fail, wrong button press or something...he should unbann me in minutes, but there is nothing such a that. Here you go the photos and everything that you need. I really like this server so i called couple of guys to play with...so i'm like bringing people in your servers to enjoy it, because there is very little amount of servers in 1.6 that are still good! Cheers! And hope everything will go better. OFF-TOPIC: Not one time they call me "hacker", "cheater", "wall" and etc., i'm playing with sound...with headset's...and hear when they come - it's no so hard. And also i'm EX - ESL player (Electronic Sport League) i was playing there from 2011 to 2015 as a EAS (ESL Amature Series), not so professional, but still at high level. Won a couple of tournaments year ago (LAN and Online), ESL Summer 2v2 Final won also for our country region. There is just some skilled guys that still play 1.6, not moving to CS:GO! And i'm not skilled like the past time, and i know a guys that can literally kill the hole opponent team by him self and trust me...that guy just playing the game hard! and well!! So...i'm not so good, but really not so bad. You get the skill not for playing with low-skilled player...you get it when you play with higher skilled player then you. So you can learn something new. :) #Good night's!