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  1. That's not beautiful for the player. This is disrespect. I've been checked many times, I am playing this shit 13 years now, what do you make you think I am cheating? Open your eyes brother please! I am not cheating!!!! And it's not trust in the community. It's trust in the program, of course I don't trust it, I've never seen something like that, who are you to join into my pc? Let us have some privacy! You are not allowed to do that. You can check me whenever you want, I really don't care. But you have the amx_ss, you can add auto demo recorder and you have wargods too. You don't need to join
  2. I never closed the supremo. And I was sending you messages too on steam, you told me you have screenshots. Show them. And as I said, I don't trust you, I can't let you download something on my pc. Don't try to get right. You know you are wrong. Just end it please. Why din't you like wargods? Every admin asks for wargods? What are you? A genius?
  3. Ban Information Name: DragoNNNN^ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:166406886 Reason: drop.verificare Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: _JnT Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:588963180 I don't have any demo or something. I just want to say enough is enough. You screenshot our computers, we say Okay. You tell us download wargods, we say okay. Don't join into our computers and download things that Chrome saying this is dangerous. Of course I don't trust you, whats the problem with the wg? or demo? Why should I download this thing from leaguecs while it is dangerous? Please... Keep it r
  4. Got banned for cheating and I don't even know how to cheat 😮

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    2. wallers james

      wallers james

      Really man, are u joking or what,. Wtf Because you said no that the site may harm your pc he banned u wtf????

    3. wallers james

      wallers james

      DragoNNNN...? Why you don't send unban request and then tell them what happened with u and Jnt.

    4. DragoNNNN
  5. Contra, be active and try again!
  6. Contra, minimum age is 17 years old.
  7. Contra, sorry my friend, but you are too young. In the guide it says you must be at least 17 years old. Good Luck my friend!
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  9. Nume Real: George, or Giorgos(Γιώργος) in Greek Nick: DragoNNNN^ Varsta(minim 17ani): 19, born in 8 of march 2002 Ai citit regulamentul?: CSGOD SteamID (ON/OFF): ON, STEAM_0:1:166406886 Link GameTracker cu orele(https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ : https://www.gametracker.com/player/DragoNNNN^/ Poti intra pe Teamspeak 3? : Yes
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