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  1. Can you reset the top15 ? And give the vip gold memberships?

    1. 7bullets


      On July 1, the reset is given. The first place wins Vip one month, the 2nd place VIP 2 weeks and the 3rd place VIP one week

    2. emperoR


      Honestly that's not a great "system" if that's how it is called , like , i tried for top 3 at least , because i can't go top 1 and top 2 obviously because they are already VIP-s , and "fight" hard to keep the nr 3 spot for a month , and in the end , the top1 and top 2 vip, which already have vip don't take anything but "me" (the non-vip player) gets the last prize (1 week) . Which i repeat i fought for 1 month between vip-s. Either have all top 3 get vip for a month at least , or do it this way . Since the VIP-s which are already vips and dont need "vip gold" have reserved nr1 and 2 , the top 3 Non-vip players , who are The closest to Top 3 , for example , nr 1 is vip guy , nr 2 as well , nr 3 .. me (non-vip) , nr 4,5 - vips , nr.6 (non-vip) etc .. At least give nr 3 , first prize , nr 6 , second prize and the 3rd non vip player who is closest the 3rd prize.


      Then all non-vip players could have some fun and at least try for top15 . It could be a good thing for the server , might build up reputation


      @Alin @Carmen.

    3. 7bullets


      this is the server rule, what you say is not a bad thing. I will think about what you said