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    *POWERire*XD2 14 kills 23 minutes and 16 seconds
    UMMET 12 kills 10 minutes and 42 seconds
    KiRA27 7 kills 6 minutes
    new.nick 7 kills 21 minutes and 2 seconds
    Bob Lee Swagger 6 kills 11 minutes and 2 seconds
    ramonka 4 kills 12 minutes and 17 seconds
    BiGPHATMAN 2 kills 5 minutes and 52 seconds
    Player 0 kills 3 minutes and 53 seconds
    (1) player 0 kills 2 minutes and 59 seconds
    19296348 0 kills 15 minutes and 40 seconds
    kukata75 0 kills 1 minute and 51 seconds
    RoNiN 0 kills Less than a minute
    xd 0 kills 10 hours, 38 minutes and 41 seconds
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[UnbaN] ELROI2

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I dont know what is your problem with me.. but i am not cheating!

I have steam i have expirience of 5 years, and i didnt even play the best in my team,so i dont know why you gave me ban. I want to see proof! Thats how it work, Tell to tGn. To post my ban on BAN-LIST tell him to give me reason for ban.

After all why you have community?!?!?

I have my own server and i know how things work. 

I dont care about my ban,, i care about that,you guys dont know how to play cs! And you ban evry player you want,and this is wrong.

I wish you all the best

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