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  1. I dont know what is your problem with me.. but i am not cheating! I have steam i have expirience of 5 years, and i didnt even play the best in my team,so i dont know why you gave me ban. I want to see proof! Thats how it work, Tell to tGn. To post my ban on BAN-LIST tell him to give me reason for ban. After all why you have community?!?!? I have my own server and i know how things work. I dont care about my ban,, i care about that,you guys dont know how to play cs! And you ban evry player you want,and this is wrong. I wish you all the best
  2. Guys? Coomon.. Danut please chek this Ban! Its wrong
  3. Nick : ELROI Steam ID/IP : ELROI LIVE IN ISRAEL - (STEAM_0:0:199446047) Nick admin : tgn Data/ora :28/11/19 Server : mix1.dual-gaming.ro Dovezi : Bro, i am detinator this forum (*******) super visor on this forum)****.ro) and Admin on this mix server (****ro) i wanted to play in your serer for fun and also because my forum is searching for mix server to be on the forum. i Am not cheat--i will give you wg: www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1838762 2) i play cs for 5 years.. so i know how to play a bit. you ban me with no reason! (not even ask for Dovezi)
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