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  1. Sedinta 20/03/2021, ora 21:30 pe Teamspeak la sectiunea "Mix". Prezenta obligatorie, absenta se anunta (la Powerel, Carmen, Cola Gabi sau Overhaul, fie pe teamspeak fie prin PM forum) cu minim 24h inainte.
  2. @Powerel @Carmen. @snaj @Cola GABI @Doar1Fum @An0nYm0uS @AnDrEeA @Don @Delicyous Kaneki @Overhaul @Flav @ANTIQ @Nicholas @Robotzel lis @Adr @puncte @iOverRed @Roscata @TuP3iStA DoAmNa @unnamed @wallerWWWWWW @Energy broken @KILLER @-GuardiaN-
  3. You probably wanted to make an admin request. In the first sentence I can tell you that you have made a topic in the wrong section. The first question that I want to address to you: On which server are you playing? (CS or PRO) The second question that I want to address to you: Had you wanted to make an admin request? If yes, respond to the first question. In order to be able to get admin, stay with us on teamspeak, be an active player AND announnce the cheaters with u@ (say_team @). Link for CS.DUAL-GAMING.RO - forum section - https://dual-gaming.ro/forum/index.php?/forum/3


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