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  1. Hi , ive thinked a lot lately about this question and i didnt find any reasonable solution. So i started to look at this from other way around ! For each action there is a counter !! So as far we cant stop"CT_RUSH" we need to make terrorist more into mission , you know if 12 ct rush A , and at the same time T with bomb rush B = plant + good position ! and sooner or later CT will understand that better no rush ! So first thing how i see this working - we need "tranfer bomb" amx command - "have no idea even is it possible" - for example admin can see at start of round who have bomb and make desicion to tranfer bomb to himself ! LIke for example if i have bomb i dont care about CTrush , they can do what they want we just gona RE-RUSH them ! And for the best results set all admins as main bomb carriers + make posible to add "good players" in BOMB carrier list ! p.s. Dunno all this sounds very crazy :DDD and i have no clue is this even posible to set up ! Anyway , trying is better then not doing anything 😄 !!! :} gl hf If this sounds as nightmare :DD then in my opinion we should do nothing and leave everything as it is 😛 or maybe somebody got some grand solution already 😄 :}
  2. Last post , 5:22 am , 17 people , best time to put some small action map !!! My last post !!! please understand that i used this topic as my all night review .. no offensive to forum rules !!!
  3. i stayed all night , 4am , 27 people .. still big online .. its saturday , but anyway my point is to make people happy and enyoi server not only with dd2 !!! p.s. hope i dont get warn cous im post my proves , + as far as i know forum is for that !!! thx for coop.. your sincerally Miedz!
  4. 2 hour later - still full server , 5 h dd2 . Im not gona speak for all , but 5 h 1 map is really annoying . Just droping proves !!!
  5. The Romania time is exactly midnight! we play dust2 from 21:00 ! online is big as you can see in screen , i think we could choose atleast 5 popular map to use , and later lets say when it comes closer to morning lets say 2am + and online drop to 15-25 start to use some fy/aim map ... p.s. everybody sits at home ! it would be nice boost to server !!! Waiting answers from more owner - Thx imihaii! + in positive result we must add some fy maps to map * list , if you give me green light , i could look for the best of them and show them here !!!!
  6. I am pro= im for ? google doesnt translate this :DDD
  7. Unban = working all night !!!! mistake !!! ip =
  8. Hello everyone , as far i see if we allow to put fy/aim/awp maps during night time , especially when when covid-19 is here , we could keep server online up to max even at night !!!! i could make big post , but i dont see need of it , the question is clear !!!! Regards .. Miedz!
  9. If there were screens , post them here! we will see !! If this is all info you can give , looks alike ban will stay !!! P.s. didnt saw any bad moves from ramses !!!!!
  10. p.s. back in old days on (cs.h2.lv - server is long time closed) we had mostly online of pro and semi-pro players , and we had man named *kruzka* for about 3-4 months we couldnot capture him , he was magician waller !!!!! but at the end he sayed truth !!
  11. Dude , your statistics is abnormal , i always could not believe what i see .... I believe even if s1mple come to our server he couldnot make 6k kill/1k death !!! Its compleatly ABNORMAL!!!!!!
  12. thx to all managment , Miedz is back in business !!! love you !! p.s. TOPIC CAN BE CLOSED
  13. Sorry , misunderstanding - KILLER = KILLER i see your first in game aswell :}}}}
  14. Hello everyone , it has been some time since you take off my access .. I have learned a lot in this period .... My minuses before - I fighted with unknown admins for me * { now i know them all and know how things works here }* im deeply sorry for that. ! now i know even if i have some questions we sort it on ts3 not in game ! My plusses + ! during my admin i had 100+ bans without a single complain !!! Im always Top 3 , rare top 5 . Online time is great. From all exsisting and previous admins i have only couple who probably dont like me ! Im good player and honest admin ! I bring to server Great player + 1 admin . = Deathlord and glik= they are my friends for 20 years atleast ... p.s. im not looking for admin to encourage my self or whatever ... Just wanto be shoore that in server is ORDER ! p.s. today i play 5 maps from early morning till now , only admins was in is konvelo*-(great dude) but he dont have 500 hands to deal with everything + plus he need his toilet ,smoke or whaever and today werre 3 situations where as soons as he leave for few mins , aimboter comes !!! My history - Good admin - fair bans , My trouble - When i just started beeing admin i changed map after 22.00 by server time and for 1 round was playing 5x5 , understand my mistake straight and changed back to dd2 ! + nonsense fight with admin ! * i agreee i was wrong , we should keep this between us * p.s. if needed i can not use any of amx when some other active admins is in ! - just if need help (i will ask) or when nobodys there .. ! trust me im not the one who is making power out of acces and never been + im 30 years old ... p.s. With time on server comes understanding how things works ! i had little time as admin , didnt do any major mistakes but still understand one of them ! = I NEED TO RESPECT ANY ADMIN , no matter i see him first time or 1000 time ... !!!!! if theres a problem we can sort it later in ts3 !!! Thats all folks .. GL, HF

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