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  1. No you got it wrong mate, it is still will be under decision of owners- main admins. vkg just offered some type of solution
  2. Hi, my name is Jevgenij and you guys Know me as Deathlord, I' ve been playing this server for a few months like my friends Miedz! and glik. The question i want to raise, and please do not find it disrespectful, it is just a question or suggestion - about recently banned player glik. Moreover, please understand that i m not questioning your experience in counter-strike as admins. I was admin and i could say a good player in my country for a very long time, but it was years (10 years ago,maybe even more) and therefore, my admin experience is a little bit outdated Please read several points about glik, 1st - he lives in a farm and work daily on a tractor, he doesn't know anything about computer, as i tried numerous times to explain him how to use Skype, share screen on Skype and helped him with many problems with his computer. 2nd - he is a good counter strike player, as far as i am aware, he doesn't use aim-hack, wall hack, no recoil or any other for me known cheats 3rd not sure what was the reason why he was banned, but the only my suggestion would be, is the version of counter-strike he downloaded, maybe it did had some tweaks ( i did seen those screenshots, and yes, they are strange). 4th he played this server few month and was checked numerous times, and was proven clean, and overall people would see him as a normal player with good aim and good understanding of map location. So, what we have here, a village guy, with very little knowledge of computer, decent player, with good aim, who is not swearing or being disrespectful to anyone with wrongly downloaded (in my opinion) version of counter-strike. Again, i m not judging or demanding anything here, I enjoy this server, and happy with my privileges over here, the only thing i ask, is to read this topic and try to understand my point of view and maybe agree with my suggestion. My suggestion is simple, based on the above-mentioned facts i would like to ask you guys to allow glik to play this server on below-mentioned conditions, such as : Glik will completely delete his current version of counter-strike He will download steam and will install new version of counter-strike He will install wargod and will provide you with reports every time you will ask This way he can prove that he is still a good player (constantly being in top15) who can challenge many others good players like 7bullets, Kaizer, Outlaw and Creed ( If you are not listed here, please do not take it as disrespect as if i list every good player here it would make this topic very very big) and a good asset to this server. As this is very much to ask, I am happy to fully take responsibility for him, as it will be me, who will explain him over the skype how to delete everything and will help him to install steam and cs. I fully understand if the decision will be negative, and this will in not way will change my commitments to this server or mine opinion of anyone here.
  3. amx_addban Giw 99999999 WH
  4. amx_addban mermez 99999 WH
  5. https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1917462 new report, i have cleaned my cfg files. thanks
  6. Nick : DeathLord Age : 34 STEAM ON/OFF(Profil+STEAM ID) : Play on steam "fee_feee22" https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198967495781 How many hours do you have on the server ( LINK ): 51 hours, https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Have you read the ( LINK ) regulation ( keyword): I did read regulations and rules thoroughly Teamspeak3 ON (Required): Already using it Scan WarGods ( LINK ): https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1917419

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