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  1. Fiecare stim ce e mai important pt noi ! Ti-am scos si gradul pe forum,asa cum mi-ai cerut ! Bafta.
  2. aiDu

    Unfair Ban

    Ai postat in sectiunea gresita ! Ai primit ban pe un server de cs 1.6 ,nu pe forum, totusi ,fost o greseala si ai primit unban ! Ne cerem scz pt eventualele neplaceri ! Have fun on our server !
  3. Trebuia sa faci o cerere unban dupa model ! Acum trecem cu vederea pt ca ai prieteni cu care te joci pe acest sv si v-a multumim .Ai primit unban ! ( a luat pt aliasuri si nr de linii prea mare,pe valve ) Adminul in cauza a procedat corect !
  4. aiDu

    [Portofoliu] ASDE

    Gj,te asteptam cu mai multe lucrari la fel de interesante :)
  5. I see this topic still opened so i am offer to post my opinion ! I seen late this topic ! Not many guys do what deathlord did,and from his word's,i belive all what he sayd ! Maybe i dont belive that the glik player didnt knew that he had a "broke" cstrike installed ! He move\'s well,he play well ! Is not a begginer player ! After he will buy original cstrike ( original steam),he will get his IP unbanned !Everybody deserve a second chance ! Until then,he will remain banned !
  6. Now is ok but anyway i see you have 2 extra cfg ! It is allowed but i give you one simple advice : play only default cfg,is much better for cs skills.
  7. aiDu

    Prezentare Bitza

    Salut Gabriel
  8. Poti selecta toate pozele odata pe imgur si sa rezulte 1 singur link....e mai simplu,mai rapid si eviti o eventuala problema de genu data viitoare ! Ai primit unban !!!
  9. Astept PM cu nick si pass . I wait PM with nick and pass !
  10. Next time make unban request on right section,if you want to be unbanned ( by the model ) ! Now write me here your Ip adress for unban,and try to fix your problem with wargods !
  11. Ai fost reclamat si am pornit demo (unul poate putin cam scurt),dar eu tind sa cred ca acel unic frag facut in demo arata felul in care tinta face acel "cerc" atunci cand tragi. Asteptam cateva pareri si daca ai primit ban pe nedrept imi cer eu scuze ! https://www106.zippyshare.com/v/5cuLztYl/file.html
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