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  1. Real Name: James Nick: Ezc`|pop` Age: 17 Did you read the rules?: CSGODG Steam ID (ON/OFF): Off. Link Game tracker: https://www.gametracker.rs/server_players/`|pop Are you active on Ts: Yeah I have at least 10 hours on Team Speak.
  2. Why are you against me what did i do. :(((((
  3. Real name: James Maradona Nick: Ezc`|pop` Age: 17 Did you read rules: Yes \ CSGODG STEAM ID: off Game tracker: Https://wWw.gametracker.rs/player/ Team Speak 3: Yeah I am active on Team speak.
  4. Hi I am trying to request to be helper in CSGO.Dual-Gaming.Ro-Always Classy. My name is Ezc`|pop`.I hope someone answer me soon. And thank you.


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